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The Cozy Barn Cafe is a small woman-owned business that cares about spreading encouragement to help you be redonkulous. From a small farmette on the East Coast, this business started from a desire to encourage animal welfare, show how amazing donkeys can be, and spread joy through cozy donkey gear.

The unofficial name of the farm is "All My Favorite People Are Broken", and is home to an Argentinian, a girl from the mid-west, 7 rescue animals, and a couple of Aunties that love the fur babies too.  Everyone has a family and everyone has a story, including animals. 

This little farm is full of lots of energy and love with a 13 year old cat named Robert, a rottie-coonhound mix named Copper, a grande sized mixed cat named Blu, and a sweet Australian Kelpie named Jax. The real stars of the show are 2 donkeys, Marcello and Capri; and the reason we bought the farm, Sahara a horse that brought me into the world of equine rescue, changed my life forever, and drives the passion I have for animal/equine welfare. 

My name is Kendra, and I created The Cozy Barn Cafe for anyone that likes donkeys, horses, and wants, where they can, to purchase products that help to educate, information, and support a message of animal welfare.

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