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Landscape with Animals


The Cozy Barn Cafe's mission, my mission is to help you understand and learn about the importance of equine welfare. With a better understanding you can use the information to make more informed decisions about your own pets, purchases, and life-style. You could even become redonkulous about equine welfare too.

My name is Kendra, and I started The Cozy Barn Cafe to encourage people to consider and understand every animal, donkey and horse has a story. Every donkey and horse has basic needs, they came from a family, and need proper love and care. My mission is to show you that through your every day you can learn the importance of equine welfare, and make decisions in your views, purchases, conversation and to support equine welfare.

I also believe everyone should feel good about themselves, love themselves, and have a safe place to be redonkulous. The Cozy Barn Cafe is a place where you can come learn about donkeys, and be your redonkulous self.


Sahara came from a starvation situation. She and thirteen other horses were rescued, and from the fourteen total there were 4 mares with 4 babies. Sahara and 3 other mares were starving to death while trying to still feed their babies. 

Sahara went to a wonderful equine rescue, and was there for 4 months before being rescued. Sahara was one of the very lucky horses, and was found in time to save her and her baby.

Marcello is a smaller standard donkey, and Capri is a mini donkey. They are a bonded pair and came from a wonderful donkey rescue. Their previous owner was no longer able to care for them, and doing the right thing found a great rescue. Donkeys can live a long time, well into their 30's or 40's,

So many equines are sent to auctions, where they can end up in slaughter pens, and endure much pain, no care for basic needs, heartbreak, and terror transported to either Mexico for Canada for slaughter. Thankfully these two were rescued, and made their way to our little farm!

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