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The Cozy Barn Cafe sells cute, cozy, redonkulous clothing and home goods that includes a positive message about animal welfare. Shop donkey t-shirts, mugs, notecards, and stickers.

Product Reviews

Love The Mug, Love It!

I love the cozy mug! It is sturdy so you do not have to worry about anyone knocking it over. The shape of the edge makes it easy to drink from, and the handle is perfect size for comfortable holding. It is a cozy mug for sure. -- A.T.

Donkey Loving Shirts

We love our shirts! They are soft and fit comfortably. Of course we love our donkey's and all donkey's.

-- Bill & Robyn W.

Soft and Cozy With A Smile

Wanted to let you know how much I love my Cozy Donkey t-shirt. Seeing Capri’s face on the front makes me smile every time I wear it. I bought it to help with the animal rescue but love how soft the material is and the quality of the t-shirt. Thanks again! -- KLR

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